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Goal of this website

With all due respect for professionals devoting to their patients care, we must say that confidence in the medical profession is being undermined by the very actions we chose to stand up against.

Negligence and non-professionalism in medical professions may touch all of us at one point or another of our existence.

There are moments when we need to address to a doctor, but how about the help we receive?

Do we recover due to medical care or inspite of it?

Unfortunately we rather often face the following: outrageous cases of non-professionalism and negligence do happen without any consequence and the same staff would again tend patients with negligence, repeatedly miss-diagnosing and miss-treating just because impunity is a fact nowadays.

What we come with: this website, where all those who care, could share information and leave their comments; maybe developing some kind of a blacklist.

Before seeing a physician, we should be able to see - if the case - the number of miss-diagnoses; malpraxis accusations or even lethal cases of the respective practice or professional, related to a certain period of time.

After consulting this information a patient should be able to decide whether it isn't better to address someone else.

Each patient should be able to leave a comment about professional activity of any doctor; positive or negative.

After some time it should be possible to show ratings of competence; displaying performance statistics and, if necessary diplay votes of non confidence.

On the other hand, of course, votes of confidence could be displayed

The main purposes of this program are: to reveal cases of non-professionalism in the domain of medical care and expose them to public judgment, universal public control of medical activity, removal of unprofessional doctors from activity; show a ranking of competent and appreciated professionals and by this to support the increase of medical service quality in Ukraine and not only.

: 03.04.2006
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